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About Us

GPEG is a very different provider of display solutions. 

We recognise that a products "face" is the most important element that drives a customers purchasing decision. Sight and touch are THE primary senses that inform our actions and opinions. Creating that perfect face is a blend of styling and ergonomics combined with mechanical, electrical and software deployment.

What makes us different?

  • We manufacture in-house in China and South Korea, giving you huge advantages in quality, control and cost.
  • We deploy real engineering talent in hardware, software and mechanical design on your doorstep, wherever you are situated, shortening the design cycle and delivering a better more compelling product.
  • We have huge know-how and intellectual property in our processes, design and continue to invest in IPR ensuring we deliver substantial differentation to our customers designs.

Most display suppliers take a product off-the-shelf. However, if this approach is taken there are NO inherent barriers to your competitors taking exactly the same route. If you can buy it so can they! With no differentiation in the look and feel of your product, your sales personnel are challenged to find less obvious areas of difference, profit margins are squeezed and one can be quite fearful of new entrants into your market.

The GPEG solution of creating bespoke products to meet your specific needs in your specific market guarantees clear water between your product and those of your competitors. We are often able to put you 12~18 months of anything a competitor can follow - imagine the sales advantages that could give you?

We have operations across Europe and Asia

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