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GPEG keypads: “Technology with a human touch”


GPEG is a provider of unique keyswitch technology that encompasses the following specialities :-


Contemporary Capacitive touch technology

Stunning Illuminated touch panels

Flexible Rubber Keymats

Low cost Membrane overlays

Fully integrated HMI/MMI solutions



Why GPEG Keypads?


Working from its base in London, GPEG employs mechanical, electronic hardware and software expertise to bring together the varied disciplines needed to create the right product at the right time. Within the GPEG group we have our own facilities in China and Korea  that enable us to translate those designs into a product delivered at the right price. We have used this approach successfully for customers in the UK and beyond on dozens of designs across multiple industries. 


Our customers tell us that we solve difficult problems for them quickly and efficiently, delivering a complex but cost effective solution where others have failed. If you are trying to do the seemingly impossible, talk to us – we may already have the solution.



Contemporary Capacitive touch


GPEG owns its own patents in the area of capacitive switching, giving it huge advantages over its competitors in this relatively new field of switch technology. Our taptile™ technology operates without false touches and without key lock-out in harsh environments – in particular those involving water.  Our technology is already deployed in the home and high end professional markets and is desirable in a wide range of applications for example:








Taptile is available with discrete buttons of any size along with, sliders, dials and any combination therein.


Complimenting our taptile technology, we are the UK's sole distributor for Wacom Components Surface Capacitive touch overlay technology. These products are particularly suitable for large size applications and full digital overlays such as gaming machines and kiosks.



Stunning Illuminated Touch Panels


With our own development department focussed on illumination solutions that are thinner, optically more efficient and brighter than alternatives, GPEG has a wide range of unique tools and solutions available. 


Our investement in side lit light-guide modelling equipment give us the capability to create thin (2mm) systems from side firing LEDs. These are placed on a PCB behind a printed substrate such as glass or a membrane overlay. This technique provdes even, bright and colourful lighting, producing a user interface that is easier and more accurate to read leading to safer operation of the equipments controls. 


Used in conjunction with a transparent or part transparent print layer, hidden-till-lit products can be created and complimented by our capacitive touch key solutions that will deliver intuitive and compelling product control systems. 



Flexible Rubber Key mats


When good key travel and a high quality feel are important for a product, a tooled rubber key mat can provide a highly flexible design solution. It offers the following advantages over a flat membrane style keyboard:


Full key travel over several mm

Soft touch and feel

Illuminated and printed legends

Easy to form in any shape and size


Its main disadvantage is the need for an injection mould tool. However, from a few thousand pounds and 3~4 weeks tool time this should not be a barrier for most medium volume production runs.



Low cost membrane overlays


Membrane overlays are a quick and easy solution to providing a colourful printed array of buttons. They can be combined with a window cut out for a display, together with switches and other mechanical elements. These are available in lower volumes than other more complex tooled products. 


At GPEG we define all the specifications of the membrane design locally with our customers this is then transfered at the prototype stage to our Chinese factory. This ensures rapid development, design and material selection, whilst retaining cost control and QC process on the production line. 



Tactile or non-tactile feel

Embossed features such as domes and dividers

Illumination via LED or electroluminescent

Die or laser cut outlines and Windows

Combine with capacitive or dome switch key technology

Multi colour and multi material layers (Polyester, metal, oil and acid resistant)



Fully integrated HMI/MMI solutions


The vast majority of our customers use GPEG as their one stop shop provider of a fully Integrated HMI/MMI solution. They take advantage of our electronic and software expertise as well as our skills in key switch technology. By combining a display (OLED, LCD, TFT, VFD or LED) a housing and a cable loom, the delivered product is designed to meet the precise needs of the customer. This saves time, money, purchasing complexity and warranty risk. In addition it allows the client to use our engineering resources as an outsourced capability in the area of the MMI for the duration of the project. We find this shortens development time and leads to a higher quality final product.


Previous Examples Include:

Handlebar mounted Bike Motor controller (Rubber key mat and custom LCD)

Taxi mounted payment terminal system (Illuminated rubber key mat and TFT monitor)

Car dashboard security system (illuminated rubber key mat and custom LCD)

Sink top faucet controller (taptile capacitive and OLED) 

Home automation interface (4 wire analogue resistive and custom printed LCD)

Industrial controller (membrane plus dome array with custom LCD)

Home Audio controller with RS485 (taptile capacitive with OLED and mirrored glass)


Further Information

GPEG offers a range of keyswitch technology


Our extensive portfolio of keyswitch technology and experience of working with customers across an array of industries and products allows us to bring together expertise from several disciplines to provide bespoke solutions.


Among our offerings is our patented taptile technology, a unique electronic interface originally designed for use in places such as bathrooms and kitchens where the risk of exposure to humidity is high. The presence of water in such rooms normally means that only low-voltage electricity sources can be used; however, with these touchpanels all manner of electronic devices can be deployed safely.


The technology was initially built for deployment in domestic environments; however, the fact it is immune to soap, water, dirt and oil - in addition to being able to be simply wiped clean, without having to worry about mis-operation - means it can also be put to effective use in numerous industrial and medical environments.


This keyswitch technology can be incorporated into modules ready for integration into your products' mechanical housing - and can include switches, sliders, dials and LED indicators in preparation for interfacing with your hardware.


In addition to the above, we are the exclusive UK distributor of Wacom Components Surface Capacitive touch overlay technology meaning that we can offer you highly-sensitive touchscreen products designed to give pinpoint accuracy. As such, these are a particularly effective choice for appliances that have large digital screens, such as vending machines and medical instruments.


These touch overlays are capable of functioning even when the user is wearing gloves, as well as being unaffected by the presence of liquids on the surface.  This makes them well-suited for use in hospital applications. However, we have found that their accurate, durable interface means they are highly suitable for other professional environments.


Depending on your requirements, we can deliver products with recognisable key travel - ideal for user acknowledgment that a button has been pressed - although non-tactile options are also available. Such overlays can be illuminated, via either LED or electroluminescent lighting.


Working closely with your team on the design of your keyswitches, our expert production facilities in China will draw up a prototype for your approval before full production begins.


Our flexible rubber key mats consist of keypads that give your products a soft touch and feel to them, so they are perfect for repeated use. The characters on them can be printed, as well as illuminated, depending on your particular needs.


These can be created to form any shape or size and an injection mould tool is created to produce your order, enabling us to deliver to items crafted to your exact specifications.


How can keyswitches be used?


Our diverse portfolio of keyswitches has been used in numerous products and across several industries, capable of providing high-quality user interface.


Many of our customers use us as a one-stop shop for all their human-machine interface (HMI) needs. Our keyswitch technology can be combined with a display screen, product housing and cable loom, allowing us to provide you with a fully-integrated solution that meets your precise needs and also saves the hassle and time involved in purchasing and putting together these elements yourself, thereby resulting in shorter development times.


Our customers find that the combination of our display screens and keyswitches makes for a higher quality product, with HMI products we have worked on that incorporate these elements including taxi payment systems and home automation controllers.



Get high-specification solutions today - come to GPEG


If you're searching for touchscreens and interfaces for your products, come to GPEG. As a leading display solutions company, we have created products that match our clients' exact specifications ever since our formation in 2005.


More than 1,500 skilled members of staff work for GPEG. From our head office in London and European sales teams to our manufacturing facilities in South-East Asia, you can be confident of being able to call upon expert technical advice whenever you need it.


Visit our showroom in order to see our range of high-quality keyswitch products. Situated at our offices in Woolwich, South-East London, this is the ideal place for consultants, design engineers, inventors and brand managers to speak to our expert engineering department and find out more about the products and services we offer. Alternatively, we can arrange for one of our team to visit your premises to give you a demonstration.


Subscribe to our newsletter so we can directly inform you about our latest products, while our technology news has articles covering the latest industry trends.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to talk through any element of our services.


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