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taptile(tm) waterproof

The first capacitive touch technology that is truly at home in water.

Developed and patented by GPEG and deployed widely in consumer bathroom and kitchen products, taptile is a uniquely flexible solution for wide variety of applications.

  • Shower and wetroom controls with no false activation
  • Superior performance in kitchen appliances (cookers and hobs)
  • Safe and Hygienic wipe down without fear of miss operation
  • Immune to soap, oil and dirt
  • Auto adapting to dynamic and background changes


GPEG delivers taptile to OEMs in volume as bespoke tuned modules, ready for integration into the customer's mechanical housing. This module can include switches, dials, sliders, displays and LED indicators and software to interface to the client's hardware. Alternatively, GPEG will take charge of the complete product development including mechnical and environmental elements to ensure fast and smooth transition from design to production.

In parallel to GPEG's OEM business, our sister company - taptile controls - is deploying this technology in the home improvement market as the core product behind its novel bathroom mood lighting solution.


Further Information


Taptile named as a finalist in not one, but two prestigious industry awards; the KBB Review Industry Awards and KBB Innovation Awards.  The innovative Taptile wireless and touch sensitive lighting system was shortlisted within the ‘Environmental Product Innovation (Bathrooms)’ category of the KBB Review Industry Awards and was also one of twenty elite products that made the running for the KBB Innovation Awards.


The ‘Industry Awards’ are organised by KBB Review, the UK’s leading magazine for the kitchen and bathroom industry. Meanwhile, the KBB Innovation Awards are supported by the ‘Designer Magazine’, with shortlisted products being exhibited within an especially designed ‘innovation centre’ during the recent KBB event.

Allen Hartley, Brand Manager for Taptile said,


“We were absolutely delighted to have made the shortlist for both of these influential awards.  Thanks to its clever, intelligent functionality and eco-friendly features, Taptile is a great product for green and sophisticated bathrooms”.


Andrew Davies, editor of KBB Review and head of the judging panel for the KBB Industry Awards, said,

“This year was a record one for entries and, as always, the standard was extremely high. To be nominated as a finalist is a great achievement and one that Taptile should be very proud of. The awards are a great way to recognise excellence and reward hard work in challenging economic times. We wish Taptile luck and congratulate them on being named a finalist.”



More about Taptile…


Taptile is a highly innovative touch-sensitive bathroom lighting system. In addition to its safe low voltage operation (5v) the Taptile system allows the user to individually control three different circuits. Two of these circuits are fully dimmable which adds considerable functionality compared to conventional systems.

For example; one area of the bathroom can be subtly lit, and at the same time a vanity unit can be highlighted, thus immediately reducing the amount of energy consumed and giving a sophisticated lighting ambiance within the bathroom.




Furthermore, the Taptile third circuit can be used to control additional bathroom appliances for example an extractor fan. Traditionally a fan would be activated at the same time as the lighting and left on wasting energy, even though the fan may no longer be required. Using the Taptile system solves this problem by allowing the fan, or other appliance, to be switched on or off at any time with the touch of a finger – immediately reducing energy consumption and increasing appliance lifetime.


Developed by the award-winning electronics company GPEG International, Taptile is unique within the bathroom sector, whilst touch sensitive lighting products are available for other areas of the home, only Taptile can claim to be as eco-friendly or safety approved for bathroom use.



Highly affordable and straightforward to install, each Taptile system comprises an ultra-slim – only 8mm thick – control panel, which is simply fitted behind tiling.  The panel’s touch sensitive ‘keys’ can either be etched onto the bathroom tiles using a special kit , or customised ‘keys’ can be created – these might typically take the form of tiny mosaics, pebbles or shells – the possibilities are endless and are only limited by the imagination of the bathroom designer.


The Taptile system is wireless thus eliminating complicated and expensive wiring.  New lighting systems can be used – or Taptile can be retrofitted to control existing lighting as appropriate.


Taptile – At a Glance


§ Taptile is a 5 Volt low-energy consumption product

§ Touch-sensitive Taptile can be used to control two, individually dimmable lighting circuits – saving energy, providing a better bathroom ambience – and ‘ditching the switch’ – or pull cord!

§ Taptile via its third non dimmable circuit can also be used to activate bathroom appliances such as extractor fans – ensuring they are only used when necessary and not whenever the lighting is switched on

§ Taptile is a simple, ultra-slim panel that can be fitted behind any tiled, ceramic, wooden or drywall area

§ Taptile panels couldn’t be simpler to install – ideal for new bathrooms and bathroom refurbishments

§ No complicated wiring is required – Taptile systems are wireless

§ Taptile is 100% waterproof – each panel is completely sealed and so can be safely fitted in wet areas

§ For further information, telephone Taptile 08704 931443 or visit
































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